Medibank Health Research Fund

Lockup-smallAdvancing health research is another way Medibank is working towards building better health for the next generation. The Medibank Health Research Fund (MHRF) provides funding to support innovative health related research projects throughout Australia.

Investing in health research is critical as we strive to gain a better understanding of the escalating number of serious health issues affecting Australians and impacting the heath sector.

In the video below we explain why the MHRF is a critical function of Medibank.



Investing in future health and wellbeing

The MHRF was originally established in 1986 as the ahm Medical Research Fund. Since then, more than $7 million has been raised for health related research through ahm member contributions.

In recent times, the MHRF has expanded to enable contributions from Medibank, its members, employees and the wider community. This will enable Medibank to provide funding towards a greater number of projects as we work with our research partners to create positive health outcomes.

2015 Research Grants:

Changing the way patients perceive and participate in their own treatment regimes; the use of new technologies such as Smartphone Apps and SMS messaging; and an emphasis on improving patient-recovery from treatment to reduce their likelihood of hospital re-admission, are among the areas of investigation that will be undertaken with the help of this year’s MHRF grants.

Click here to see the list of the 2015 MHRF Grant recipients and their research projects

Click here to see the list of the 2014 MHRF Grant recipients and their research projects 


Getting Involved

Each year, Medibank contributes more than $400,000 directly into the MHRF. In addition Medibank matches employee donations to the fund dollar-for-dollar.

You can help us grow the fund, and ensure this important work continues, by making a tax deductable donation by credit card, BPAY and direct deposit through the link below.

All donations go directly to support health research.


Contact Us

For further information about the Medibank Health Research Fund or to express an interest in becoming a future research partner, please email: